If most men don't respect sex on the first date, ladies, why should we?!

Ladies, (and guys) I'm sick of reading and listening to men that don't respect women that "give it up" right away because it either makes them look too easy or because the challenge is over, to me this is SO sexist and unfair! So I say ladies, why not turn the tables on them?!

And Guys, how would you feel if a woman has sex with you and then tells you that she's not interested in pursuing you any further because you gave it up in the first night?!..Something to think about...

LADIES, I think it's time for us to put this to the test.


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  • In my opinion, if he is not going to respect you because you give it up on the first date, he should not have initiated any further move either.

    If his intention was just making out, but all of sudden the girl started to taking all her clothes off, then that case the guy would turn off but take the chance (I mean who would not?).

    However, if he tried to take off your clothes and made move, and after that saying you are easy, than that is 'WTF'

    If a guy truly is interested in you, how soon you give up doesn't matter at all to a guy.

    They will keep contact you care about you. or who knows, like you more.

    If a guy doesn't call you after sex on the first date, he wasn't that interested from the first.

    Maybe he wasn't attracted to you emotionally mentally, but physically.

    Whatever happens, whatever execuses, if a guy/girl is not respecting you after sex that basically means you two are not meant to be.


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  • Because some women are actually looking for sex and think the guy is hot? =S

    • As to your second question, I'd just laugh, hit delete on my cell phone and go on to the next one. If she just wanted one night, that's her choice, as it is mine.

  • Im fine it. I don't think less of them at all. Iv done it with a few ladies. We just both werent ready for a relationship. But a night of passion is always fun.


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  • yeah that would be cute too bad gender differences go a little deeper than that. it just won't work that way. guys would scoff in your face. and you are more likely going to feel hurt and he won't GAF.

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