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i find it weird that as soon as you are ready to give up on someone and have finally moved, that the person you are trying to get away from forces themselves back into your life. I had let her go or so I thought...

i was coming home from work and walked around the corner and ironically enough I literally ran into the girl I had been saying I'm down with. her attitude towards me and the way she had treated me had basically said that she didn't give a damm about the friendship/relationship we had.

when I bumped into her, her whole attitude was different, she seemed like she was actually excited to see me. she wants to hang out this weekend and I told her I would get back to her.

do you think that she really just needed a break and that's why she is so ready to see me again and wanting to hang out?


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  • if you are a really good guy, then I'm pretty sure she finally found out that it was her loss for losing you. and now she probably wants you back. she also realizes that she took you for granted and didn't value the relationship. if you still like her, when you guys hang out, don't show her that you still really like her. play it cool and see how she reacts.


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