If a shy guy ignores your text should you text him again?

Me and this guy have had a 'thing' for nearly three months. Things are moving really slowly because I know he's a shy guy in general and when it comes to girls. He told me that he would only be a "burden without even trying to be one." But before that he came over to my house and initiated the cuddling and held me hand. Now I'm really confused and don't want to come across as overbearing but when I confronted him via text about the issue he hasn't replied since. What should I do or how do I know he's not just playing mind games with me either?


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  • He isn't playing games, it sounds like his self esteem might be a little low currently. Just tell him you want to continue cuddling and holding hands.

    • Thanks so much! I just don't understand why he feels the need to be so hot and cold when I've told him that I like him, it just makes things so hard and confusing! I feel like he's holding back and I'm not sure how long is enough to keep waiting, you know?

  • He sounds like he needs to grow a pair. If you want him to do more to you then you might have to initiate since he's so timid. Definitely don't keep sending him texts that will just annoy him, especially if the texts are essentially calling him out on being shy. He also sounds like he has low self esteem since he considers himself to be a burden.

    • Well he replied straight away when I just messaged him but it was just asking about his day so I see a pattern cos like he avoids confrontation and just prefers to change the subject. Thanks for answering

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