Communication issues with guy I'm seeing

So I met this lovely guy who is in his late twenties a month or so ago at a party... had a really good time and we ended up sleeping with each other. We hugged before saying our goodbyes and he mentioned that he should get my number. He ended up adding my on fb that day and sending through some photos of me and my friends. didn't hear anything else from him so ended up messaging him over Facebook 2 days later having a chat and giving him my number. He asked me out on a date the next day which we went on that weekend and had a lovely time. We didn't catch up again till 2/3 weeks later as we live 2 hours away from each other and are both busy with work. I was competing at a show and he surprised me by coming to see me although he'd been up all night working. I ended up staying at his place a few nights later as I was working up that way and we didn't do anything apart from kiss. He seemed slightly awkward and shy which was cute and he mentioned it had been a long time since he'd had to share a bed with someone. I stayed at his 2 night later and we ended up sleeping with each other. I had a really nice relaxing night with him. We had a cuddle on the couch and few kisses. He had to get up early for work the next morning but gave me a kiss goodbye and we texted a number of times throughout the rest of that day. I Haven't heard back from him since though. He has indicated that he's keen and likes spending time with me but although were both busy he hasn't been initiating contact a whole lot. I guess I would just like it I've he initiated contact with me a little more often so I knew how he felt I guess. My ex and I talked all day everyday. Any suggestions would be great. He has told his sister about me.

I guess I see his lack of messaging me to see how I am or make contact as a lack of interest. Even though he will always reply if I do text him and is happy to see me when I have been interested.


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  • Your instincts are correct. No one is that busy not to take 5 minutes and touch base . Seriously, Lack of communication=Lack of interests.

    You had a nice time... Remember that and if he is too busy now and your concerned, can you imagine if the relationship developed and he still did that.. Not a good thing.

    People need to be on the same page, and if your not move on and don't waste either of your time. Not everyone is for everyone.

    Usually people will reply as respect, but the quality of the message is important as well as the timing.

    Give it some time and keep busy meeting other people. One door closes, another opens...

    Good Luck


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  • how old is he? and how old are u?

    doesn't sund like he's too interested in u