He ignores me, says he is busy, doesn't text me. Why do guys do this to us?

It was all going great for months, no fights only smiles, dates, sleepovers, we were doing great, things were getting serious, than last date, more feelings were shown from both sides, lovey dovey

than baaaam nothing

he ignores me, says he is busy, doesn't text me

i mean OK you can at least act normal like before.. We have been good friends for a long time and started dating in August, but now

he doesn't even talk to me online either, its been weeks

what did I do..


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  • you did nothing, its just that he has lost interest, its not your fault, its just that he realizes that you should remain friends,x


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  • how can we tell ? not enough information.

    i can give you plethora of speculation though.

    • what? not enough information ? what do you need than :)

    • first time for him ?

      nothing really happend ?

      "more feelings were shown" could you be more precise ?

      what did you think you do ?

      what do you think about him being busy ?

  • He decided that he really didn't want to be in a relationship with you, that's all.

    • than why won't he delete me on fcb etc and cut all ties? I have some things at his place to, he hasn't said anything

  • He got scared. Probably scared of commitment, or what you two were becoming. It most likely has/had nothing to do with you.

    • so I should let go?

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    • If there's a pattern of that behavior, I'd lean more towards letting go. It's a sign of immaturity to play games like that.

      You can't just run away every time your relationship takes on a new level.

    • i know..its hurtful towards me how he suddently runs without explaining than comes back like nothing has happened, maybe he is dating someone else.. Its hurtful

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