He's texting me again just like old times?

This guy I went on a couple dates with last year but never worked out is texting me again dn we're having long convos about life in general. And he's not a texter and I'm over him but I'm just wondering, why the sudden interest now? He hasn't talked to me since the beginning of summer.


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  • He misses what you guys once had. And he should be happy that you even texting him again. Some girls wouldn't even text a guy back when things didn't work out. He also probably wants to be noisy and get in your buisness.Maybe he thinks you might have a change of heart and give him a chance. It's really your choice if you feel the time is worth while texting him again.You said your dates didn't work out, so I'm assuming that their wasn't that much chemistry.Sometimes you can still have a guy as a friend instead of dating. It depends if you want him back in your life or not.

    • He's the one that broke it off:/ so I just don't know if he's being friendly again or what not.

    • Yeah it's very hard to tell what his motives are and what he wants. Normally when an ex texts back again they probbaly either want to hook up, or they might want to get back together or maybe he has been having bad luck with girls and you could be a rebound for him to get his confidence back. Their can be a lot of reasons. I'm just speculating. I think eventually you wil lfind out what he wants. What made you text him back? And have you forgiven him for breaking it off?

  • because he wants to get back with you... Simple.

    Im sure if you ask him if he is dating anyone, the real answer is no, thus getting back with you.. Or he could have just broke up with someone and needs a rebound friendship to boost his ego.


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