Guys who don't text first?

Like, ever. Except maybe once.

I always have to start conversations ("Hi! How's life treating you this week?") but within a text or two he asks me to hang out. If I don't text him, I don't hear from him. When we do hang out, he's very respectful, pays for everything, holds doors open for me, gets tickets/makes reservations in advance...

I don't understand. What's going on?


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  • He doesn't want to seem needy and/or he has other things to do.


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  • Welcome to the life of a guy ;)

  • Hes not a texter. Some guys don't like to text which isn't a bad thing


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  • Again? I will spell it out for you one more time, k? You are doing all the pursuing because you have a higher level of interest in him. If he was as interested in you as you are w him he would be pursuing you just as much. He doesn't, so find yourself a guy who's as into you as you are w him. Otherwise just continue doing what you're doing w a guy who really isn't that interested in you and is pretty much half assin it. Have fun!

    • you know, I post a bunch of times because I'm looking for a bunch of opinions. yours was noted but is by no means definitive. no need to keep repeating yourself :]

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    • Read what anon girl says up there^ She's spot on. Oh and I'm wasting your time because I"m not telling you exactly what you wanna hear which is why you're a lot more interested in what the guys say. Good luck I'm sure you two are gonna get married and have lots of babies:)

    • Whoa chill. Read again the part where I said that I want to see GUYS opinions.

  • ... are friends. You basically just described my best guy friend. I text him first unless he needs a last minute date or help with college or something. If I text him, we'll go hang out, he usually pays but sometimes I do, perfect gentleman but he's just a friend.

    A guy that wants to be with will be texting you often, trust me.