Maybe a bit overprotective?

Ok so how many people on here have younger brothers or sisters that they're maybe a bit over protective of especially when it comes to boyfriends and girlfriends? I'm really protective of my little sister because I love her so much and I hate to see her upset or crying over what some dumbass of a boyfriend has done.

I've done some pretty stupid stuff to protect her, I've "had private words" with all of them telling em they will never see the lights of day again if they hurt her etc, I've beat up a few that have cheated on her or used her or hurt her unnecessarily, but her ex ( who might I add dumped her because she was getting braces!) asked her back out when he found out she didn't get them in the end so I flipped out and loads of my mates are saying if I go down to his house I've gone too far but he's really hurt her by saying that because it proves he was only into her for her looks because she is a really pretty girl that looks quite a lot older than her actual age.

Q1- is it out of order to have a go at him or even hurt him since my sisters such a sweetheart she won't do it herself?

Q2- what's the most protective thing you've done for a bro or sis?


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  • Hahaha! My oldest brother was like that with me. His friends used to say I'd be a knock out when I was older and he'd get so defensive. I even dated one of his friends and that threw him over the edge on how outraged he was. He always did the brother talk, to my boyfriends. It was really cute. With my younger sister, I'm only protective if I know the guys an asshole. Were really close in age, so I know msot of the people she knows.

  • Uh, I would love to have you as my brother! You sound so nice and caring, my bro wouldn't care if anything like that happened to me. I don't think it's out of order to go to him, he sounds like a bastard anyways. BEAT HIS ASS! haha

    • Aww I'm sure your brother loves you :)

      If not I'll be here for you :)

      and I think I am gunna go beat the shit out of him =L

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