If a man talked like a woman would he talk like this?

I don't care what a woman looks like. She can be fat, and it doesn't matter. I don't care if a woman ever puts out. Relationships are more than just about sex. Men need to stop thinking with their small head and start with their bigger one.

Relationships are about connection and spending time with one another emotionally.

As long as a woman has a good personality that's good enough for me. A girl that I date is a princess and should be treated like one. Therefore I think its a mans responsibility to pay for all dates because its romantic and it shows how much you care about them. Obviously if men don't pay then they don't care about a woman's feelings.

Now I just threw up.

And I'm writing this because I'm bitter and haven't ever dated a woman.



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  • Hmmmm I don't really know why your writing this, could be an ego boost thing, not all women think that way, I certainly pay for dinner sometimes... Relationships are more then just about sex... but sex is a huge part... Relationships are about connection... And looks do matter to women... where on earth did you get the idea that it didnt, probably not as much as it does to men... but you just sound kinda shallow maybe that why your so bitter...if a guy shared SOME of this outlook I would snap him up in a second but a man with all this outlook I don't think exists... As for men that think that's what women really want or that's how women really think I'd say is extremely bitter, mocking and just looking for validation from equally bitter men.

    • ". but you just sound kinda shallow maybe that why your so bitter...if"

      See I called it. women can't help but call men bitter.

      If a man ever criticizes a woman, suddenly he's a bitter misogynist.

      By the way I'm happily married with kids.

    • ok so your happily married with kids but your on here acting like a bitter guy? I called you bitter because you said you were...

    • that was sarcasm honey.

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  • I just threw up too.

    A man who speaks those words needs help.