Should I tell my boyfriend about this, or keep it to myself?

I'll try to keep it short...

So there was this guy I briefly dated back in high school. Wouldn't even call him an "ex". But we used to be good friends before we dated, and after we stopped talking. I've been missing him (being his friend, not dating him) ever since.

Well, he recently started talking to to me again, and I thought enough time had gone by that it didn't matter. But then one night, out of the blue, he called me up and practically begged me to come back to him. He wants me to dump my current boyfriend and move in with him. : / I was completely shocked. I haven't talked to him since.

I'm not even going to talk to him anymore, if he's not going to respect the fact that I'm in a relationship. Should I tell my boyfriend about it, or just keep it to myself? Does it matter?

I know I didn't really do anything wrong, but I still feel yucky about it for some reason.


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  • Letting him know now would prevent an even more awkward conversation later if your "ex" does something stupid. If you have nothing to hide then your boyfriend will understand. It might even make him a little jealous and make him want to do more with and for you, can't complain about that right? ;)


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  • Yes it matters. Tell your boyfriend exactly what happend. You did nothing wrong and by you telling your boyfriend its going to build your trust and make a better relationship. My girlfriend was in the same position as you but her ex of three years was calling her and she was answering and she never told me thinking it would ruin our relationship. Well I found out for myself and now our relationship is a mess. hope this helps


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  • Should I tell my boyfriend about this, or keep it to myself?

    In my opinion keep it to yourself.

    Does it matter?

    Possibly it'll matter to your boyfriend as he'll see the other guy as competition and a possible threat as you didn't tell him about some guy wanting you.