The "Rules" to texting with a new love in your life.

Hello all, thank you for your time and responses.

This could be either because I am a bit out of practice, or I have dealt with the wrong kind of girls.

When catching up with an old female friend or simply beginning with a new one, how does one male go about the whole texting thing?

I mean, I am 24 so I obviously know how to text, but what I am saying is, at what point do you think the guy can allow him self to give the girl a chance to text him, and not the other way around? I know at first, I will have to do a lot of the texting to make the conversation, gauge her interest, etc. But should there be a time where I can put the phone down, and give her the moment to start a conversation with ME for a change?



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  • There are no rules.

    If she likes you she will text back. That is what I do.


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