Developing feelings for him but I'm not sure what we are or if he has feelings for me.

I met this guy online about a year ago while I was home on leave from the military. We started texting each other and eventually had sex twice. The second time was the night before I had to be at the airport to leave. When I had to leave right after we did it he seemed a little upset that we couldn't spend more time together. We continued texting each other even though we are countries apart. I went home again 3 months later and saw him 2 more times, both times I spent the night and most of the day with him. I recently told him I couldn't talk to him anymore because although I enjoy having sex with him, I don't want to be just a booty call when I'm there. He said "but you're in another country right? too bad you don't miss me." That still has me really confused. We still talk and he calls me beautiful, says he misses me and can't wait to see me again, and wishes I wasn't so far away. My question is, is he only keeping me around so that he can get sex when I'm there or is he interested in more than that in the future? I'm so confused and I don't know what to do, I've never been in a situation like this before.


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  • Well, there is a specific reason people say to hold off on sex, and that reason is, you need to know the persons intentions before you lay all your cards out there. He likes you sure...he talks to you right, calls you, sleeps with you, he likes you! What I think you're asking is, does this guy want to pursue something more. The only way to know is to ask him. Be honest and if a relationship is what you're looking for then tell him, see what he says, no better way to find out than that ;)


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