What body type do your prefer to see for a guy (dating wise)?

Women, what body type do you like for men? This would be preferably more towards a dating situation, and not just a fling, or one night stand.

  • Ectomorph- Skinny
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  • Mesomorph-Muscular (Athletic)(Well defined)
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  • Endomorph- Muscular, but not as defined. (Puts on weight easier)
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  • Overweight (Consists of a body fat percentage over 25%)
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I'm currently a Mesomorph, and my theory was correct and this it seems.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm mostly attracted to mesomorphs (I'm also a mesomorph) ... but they've had varyign degrees of fitness.

    • Also, you can totally be an overweight mesomorph ... you don't suddenly become a different body type because you put on weight. It sounds like you're talking more about fitness levels than body types.

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What Girls Said 3

  • to be honest I like answer C..im not into abs..im more of an arms, chest and nice thick manly legs :D and since I'm an hourglass shape..i like to feel small and cute..so if the guy is skinny...it grosses me out..i like a big strong guy to take charge! ..but knowing I'm still the boss hahaha

    • guy is the boss but ok.

    • I can understand at the ages between 18-30, but aren't you afraid of the man being obese as he becomes older? Most Endormorph men stop working out within their mid 30's, and becoming somewhat obese as they become older. It may not scare you away now, but aren't you afraid of the later results?

    • not especially because I would hope to meet someone as sporty and adventurous as I am. I love to surf and I'm an archer as well..so even when he got older and gained a little more weight..i would be fine with it as long as he still did the fun activities that we enjoy doing. I like to feel like the small skinny petite one in the relationship..so a little overwieght on a guy is not bad..as long as he still finds me sexy. ha ha :) I'm more attracted to a guys intellect then I am his physical features

  • B or C.I think I can accept A but not D.I'm not into big guys.

    • Most women seem to be into those categories. I'm glad I am a Mesomorph.. The endomorph has a higher chance becoming overweight throughout the years.

    • Yes...B is the best..Good for you :)

  • I would prefer b and c and I would accept a

    Not D though


What Guys Said 1

  • Ah women, choosing actually the rarer of the types.

    Also, overweight isn't a type, it's just Endomorphic body type still.