Friend said I'm too of a guy not to be dating?

Within the last few months. I've gotten this time, and time again. My female friends keep suggesting that I date. Some of them are single, and some of them have their own relationships at hand (So I know it isn't just an attempt for them to try something), but many of them consists of the basic saying, "You are too of a guy not to be dating.". I understand that basics I presume, but women... What does this exactly mean in your books?

too nice of a guy* Sorry for the miss type


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  • If I said that:

    You're a typical guy. Go for your needs (sex) by many girls

    Help me?



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  • "you are too of a guy not to be dating "

    Doesn't mean anything to me.


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  • I got told that often too, but none of the girls telling me that would date me. If none of single girls telling you this will date you, then they are just blowing smoke

    • Quite often they actually do persist on going on dates. I've just become accustomed to being single, and haven't had the desire to do so. I've said no to the last 20 or so girls that have asked... I'm just wondering if what they are saying is true, and I should at least attempt to get back into the dating world.

    • then duh if they are asking you out, considering how rare it is for a woman to ask a man out, they are being serious lol.

    • Is it truly that rare? I've actually only dated two girls that I've asked out myself. The other 90% have actually asked me out on the first date... Guess I'm lazy lol. Ignore is bliss right?