HELP: did I completely blew it with him?

In short-we have mututal friends, never met, talked for almost 2 months, he suggested to get coffee when I'm back in the city, we're 21

so he's the 'big ego' type and flirty. I really like talking to him and he feels the same. but the thing that bothers me, on Facebook news feed his stuff keeps popping up , like liking pictures of hot girls (he even added them to his interests) and girls write on his wall and those posts are all flirty and stuff. so I stopped replying and after 3 days I get a text 'hey troublemaker!' and he said he missed talking to me..and then we were texting a bit and I text him at 5pm and he replies the next day around one pm, it literally pissed me off so I didn't reply, because he didn't ask anything so that I should've..

but now I'm thinking I should've..on the other hand I want to play it cool, I've been played once and I refuse to be ever again and I don't know what's his deal/intentions.. should I wait for him to text me again or..? it's been 2 days since he texted me, I guess I can't really reply :/


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  • If he didn't ask a question just leave it alone, don't feel obligated that have have to answer him. I know it's beyond upsetting to see him acknowledging other girls but if you guys aren't together he's allowed to do what he wants. Hell text you just leave things alone, if he says something about not responding just say you've been busy


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  • Very rarely do you completely blow anything with anyone. There's always room to fix things.

  • Why would you want this guy? he sounds like a player...


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