Are guys just not that into texting...?

I am pretty sure this guy is digging me, but I kind of wish he'd text me I feel I initiate the texts more. Am I just being a girl about all of this? I realize he might be busy and don't get me wrong...he does initiate the texts every now and then. What do you guys think?

p.s/ And no, I am not going to call him...texting is quite appropriate these days :P


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  • Guys want to talk to you in person, face-to-face. They do NOT want to talk to you through a device, whether that's the phone, a text, an email, or whatever. They want a relationship with a GIRL, not with a PHONE.

    Now, at the very beginning of a relationship, a guy might call more or text more, because he's willing to do the "set up work" to get the relationship going, but once it is going, he's going to go back to normal, where he isn't going to initiate much, because, again, he doesn't want a relationship with a device, but with a girl.

    Another issue is that girls are rarely content to text short messages and be done; they want to have CONVERSATIONS, and conversations via texts SUCK, especially on a phone. Remember that men don't multitask nearly as well as women do, so when they're in a text-based conversation, they have to stop doing everything else and focus on their phone, and when they have other things to get done, it's a huge disruption.

    Figure out ways to spend more time physically together, and scale your texting expectations back some, and you'll be much happier, and so will he.


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  • Texting sucks ass. Why spend all of that time trying to typ out what you want to say, when you could call, and say more in less time? Or better yet, get face to face and talk. Real life is by far better than texting. Texting can be taken wrong. You could say something, and mean it sarcastically, and when they read it, they could think you're being serious, and then you can ruin what was ment to be funny.

  • You're being a girlie girl about this. Guys don't generally give a sh*t about texting.

    If you have a brief question or statement, make a text. If you want a conversation, make a call.


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  • Depends... sometimes they are too lazy

    but usually they are talking to other people and don't reallly want to talk..