Can you tell if her eyes are open while kissing you?

For some reason I like to keep my eyes open while kissing / making out with my boyfriend. His eyes are closed the whole time and I was wondering if it is possible sense the other person's eye contact even without seeing them and if that is awkward.


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  • Not particularly, at least I have never felt like she was watching me while we kissed. I occasionally will open my eyes and look at her just because I like seeing her, but she has never been looking back at me. That might be why I just never really think about it. I don't imagine it would be too weird, I wouldn't mind a little eye contact while kissing, a steamy look can make things more fun or, if you are at that level in a relationship, could take it from a make out session to something a bit more fun. I wouldn't worry about it, if you like to see him while you're kissing then by all means do it.


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