Is he really into me? Please!

This is a little too soon to be having these thoughts but...

This guy and I have like each other since our middle school days.. We're in college now. And well now we're actually talking and catching up.

It's been a while like 3 weeks of talking and things have kinda been going down hill. We text with little to talk about, he takes like 30 min to an hour to text back sometimes . His replies are mostly ha ha ohh or wow or very short. I'm the one to make conversation the most and the past 2 days he hasn't been texting me much only at night and not throughout the day anymore.

But he has said like yesterday that he wants me to be comfortable with him all the times, and little sweet things here and there.

I haven't seen him since high school and see him through Facebook pictures.he has work and school and goes to the gym a lot. So today we made plans to see each other in 3 weeks when the fall semester ends.

Does he seem into me still? What can I do to keep this thing going?


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  • when you go out u,ll know how he exactly feels just trusts your feelings ,inner feelings not your feelings towards him

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