Why is it wrong for a man to demand the same standards from women that women do with men?

with men?

Its fine?

No, think again.

Why is it wrong for men to demand a woman have ambition, and take care of herself when that's what women demand from men?

Why is that wrong, I mean if women do it?

I thought relationships were about give and take and an equal partnership.

Well then why do men have to pay for every date? Why do so many women get irritated when they have to pay for anything?

Why do so many women want a man to provide for them?

Shouldn't you do your fair share of gaining money?

A woman who was ambitious as much as the man wouldn't expect a handout, shed make her OWN money, I mean wouldn't she?

If women can demand a man to have a job and ambition and pay for dates, why is it wrong for a man to look for the same qualities in women?

Oh wait I'm asking this because I'm dateless and bitter.


"But they are not worried about the expense - it is likely to be because they believe their date should pay for the pleasure of being with them, according to researchers at St Andrews University."

double you double you double u. dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1368831/Attractive-women-expect-date-pay-dinner-theyre-worth-it.html
Only men who date ugly women or who don't date much at all believe its "common" as PROVEN by that link.


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  • I had the same problem when I was single and trying to find a boyfriend. I was working full time or in school and I had issues finding guys who were kind of like me, who either worked or were in school. I made my own money and wasn't looking for a handout.

    My problem was that the only men who would actually approach me were ones who had multiple kids from multiple women, been in jail, were habitual cheaters and were jobless and were not very nice. But I was told I was too picky when I didn't want to date these guys.

    All I wanted was a guy who was nice, either had a job or was in school (had ambition), could keep a conversation going and was faithful. But any of the guys I approached like that thought they were too good for me.

    I think the problem you are facing is caused because even though you have standards, there are plenty of other people who will give in to what these girls you are meeting want. They will bend over backwards, pay for meals, take abuse, buy them expensive gifts, pay their rent, pay for a car, etc... Meanwhile they just take the other person for granted.

    It took me about 8 months of serious looking to find my current boyfriend. It will probably take you a while too, maybe not as long as me, but be prepared to really search to find someone who meets your standards.

    The reason it's so easy for others is because their standards are lower and so more people meet those standards (or lack of). But just think of all the crap they have to put up with from the people who are not meeting your standards?

    • Better to be single than in a relationship you "settled" for. Because ultimately you're going to be unhappy.

    • i think also too there are two types of men that make up the majority.

      The ones that approach and the ones that dont. The ones that approach don't care about what the women think,so they don't try and better themselves. Because not only do they not care what women think they don't care what people think either.

      Then you have the other men, the ones who don't approach, they have ambition but they are too insecure that no matter how much they acquire they are never good enough.

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  • because women have special needs

  • Huh?

    All of my boyfriends have wanted this (once we got past age 20 or so), so I don't know where you're coming from here. If you're accepting traits you don't want in order to get traits you do want, that's a different story. IE, dating a hot girl who is a bitch and then complaining that all women are bitches ... instead of taking the time to find a girl you're attracted to who isn't a bitch.

    In the modern world, this is becoming more of a standard...with the flipside that men are expected to help around the home more if women are contributing financially. It has worked out for most of my friends in their relationships, as well.

    That's the advice always given to women, anyway.

    As for your link -- top tier people in the looks department are treated better by everyone they meet since birth. Men AND women. That doesn't mean that only ugly people have good traits, though. An "8" who has the values you want in a partner is better than a "10" who doesn't have them. Finding the right person is always a balancing act.

    • Actually attractive men are not treated any better, attractive women are. (at least statistically speaking) because the majority of women don't place as much value on looks as men do.

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    • Yes attack me, and be part of the problem and not the solution.

      Women do the same thing btw.

    • Some do, yes. I'd say the same thing to one of them if she had a similar complaint. You can't solve everyone's problems, only your own.

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  • It's simple. For every man out there who may have standards and expectations, there are about fifty sniveling supplicating sex-starved manginas all too willing to bend over and submit their wallets and their wills just for the slimmest possibility of some poon.

    If you don't dance to her tune, see ya later! Get lost. Next. Onto some other loser, who is probably dissing you for not "manning up" and paying for the date like his girlie ass did.

    It's in women's nature to want to have their cake and eat it, and thanks to the abundance of p**** men out there, they can!

    I personally think the whole gender equality thing is bullsh*t, and perfectly capable women bleeding hapless idiots dry only proves my point.

  • It's not wrong...just unrealistic. It's a matter of supply and demand, really. The demand for good p**** is much higher than the supply of women offering it.

  • Women have far higher standards than men across the board. The sad truth is most men are so desperate that they will go for almost any and every woman allowing women to be very very picky due to the sheer amount of options they have.

  • Most guys do look for women who have some ambition and can take care of herself.

    That's not unreasonable. It's quite common, actually.

    Men also don't have to pay for everything on a date.

    Your beliefs about dating, and women in general, indicate you don't have much experience with either.

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