Creative opening text message?

I need something creative to use for an open message in a text.

Nothing like Hey, How are you? or What have you been up to?

Something more creative guys?

Or sweet

To an opposite gender but not a parter.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Getting someone else to write your texts for you is giving the other person a false impression of yourself. Something I don't suggest asking of us or yourself.

    • All I asked for is ideas.. Doesn't mean I will use what you suggest :)

    • "I need something creative to use for an open message in a text." gave me an impression that you were not looking for suggestions.

    • oh, my bad. I am looking for suggestions.

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  • I didn't mean to text you but as I did, you are invited to text me back,x

  • New guy you just met and like? Have you talked before?

    • No, met before, know each other for a while... he likes me but when he texts it's always the usual stuff and I find it extra boring. I want to break the ice and make it more interesting and see if he follows..just need some ideas to get my creativity flowing :D

    • Then by all means make it kinda interesting... ask "I am going shopping a Victoria secret's today, what colors do guys prefer?" It that doesn't jump start a conversation, call a dr. because this man is not alive...

What Girls Said 1

  • There is a service you can purchase that will make up text messages for you and you don't have to write them.