Is she interested in me or just coincidences?

so there is this girl that I never talk to.

Lately, I've noticed that she looks in my direction a lot. And starting conversations with me. Recently, in chem class, we were talking and her feet rested slightly on top of mine. It wasn't like a brush or lightly but the contact was quite noticeable (as in feelable but can't think of a better word) and lasted for around ten minutes.

Ive also noticed that she starts appearing in the caf a lot now

also, she takes pictures for the yearbook and one day, I turned around to find her taking a pic of me.

She also once asked me for my phone and then she texted herself and got my number.

However, she doesn't answer my text when I responded to hers. And I've seen her really close with another guy (rested her head on his shoulder, etc.)

i don't really like her and I'm just getting over an other girl. What should I do?


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  • She probably likes you but not that enough to make her attention go exclusively on you.

    If you don't like her, don't bother. :)

    • haha okay :p that's good :D

      btw, would it make any difference if she was looking at me earlier before she rested her head on the guys shoulder?

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    • Aww that's sad. Do you sill stare at her?

    • i don't stare -.-

      and ehh. sometimes

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  • coincidence for sure


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  • If your not interested it shouldn't matter. I though she likes you until you mentioned her ignoring your text and the other guy.

    • well, if she's interested, then I might wanna talk less with her and act a bit more distant

    • She's not interested enough for you to worry about leading her on.

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