Should I remove him, and look for someone else?

This guy wanted to get to know me more, said I was gorgeous we have talked once a week so far. I sent him a text saying I hope you're feeling better about work.. cause he was sad about it the other day and told me about it. I didn't get a response and he has been online and stuff and hasn't spoken to me. So I'm guessing it wasn't good to do that. But I'm getting fed up. We are supposed to hangout during Christmas break. But maybe this guy is a flirt if he isn't going to answer that text, and its been three days.

Do you think I should just remove him from msn, fb and my phone. I don't think he is serious


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  • Doesn't sound like he's worth your time/efforts. Good for you to let him know you had him in your thoughts!

    • yeah it just a shame cause I really liked him. but I don't know what wrong. my guy friend said some guys don't like getting texts like "hoping they feel better" I dunno. I thought it was nice

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  • Depends on the guy. There are times when I text my boyfriend good morning, or have a nice day, and he just doesn't respond but that's because of who he is, he just doesn't think a response is necessary and I'm okay with that. What's he going to say, "thanks. love you too." that's nice, and some people need that, but some guys don't think its needed. 3 days isn't that long.. but if you want to do it that way, then just don't talk to him again until he initiates contact first.

    • Well I removed him from my phone. I left him on Facebook. Do you think that's the reason, he didn't have anything to say to it. I'm not talking to him again until he tries to talk to me. I don't know I thought I'd did a good thing. Just by him not answering looks like I'm not important and he doesn't care

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    • what do you think I should do?

    • Well are you actually interested? If you are then just text him again just saying hi, and if he doesn't respond to that, then move on. If you're not interested then just leave it be.

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