Guys: When you send a text to a girl you're not interested?

We went out on a date for the first time last week.

He texted the same night, the next day, and the following also.

Even when I sent him texts without any questions, he would always reply with questions keep convo going.

(He wasn't always the one, sometimes I texted him first too.)

Then yesterday, he never texted for the first time..

so today I texted him that I finally went to gym,(lol long story)

few hours later, he replied 'hey hey. good for you! which gym?'

so I replied wherever it was and asked him how's he doing.

since then haven't heard from him...

I know I'm being paranoid since it's been only few hours (it happened last night though), but it's just bothering me so much that he ignored that simple text...

If you're not interested, and if you eventually were going to ignore her, would you be bothered to send any questions..make her replies to that..?

or was he just being polite expecting me to send the answer only to what he asked so he could have just ended the convo..?

or if he isn't interested, he would have sent 'hey good for you' or ignored it..?

lol help this poor thing guys


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  • I don't know what is the damn thing about this mentality of girls! So, I would love a girl like your mentality!

    I can't say it's natural or what as It's like taste or preference! Different people have different preferences while choosing there mates, but that doesn't make them normal or abnormal!

    And yeah! Please, don't think open these sort of thing much!


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