Should I try and do something or just let it go?

Well,we've never been in a real girlfriend-boyfriend relationship,we haven't kissed but we have both said that we liked each-other and we knew that.but then I just lost my interest since we were heading to nowhere ,well I told him I didn't like him any more and since then we haven't talked ,it's been like 3 months..well now I find out he has a girlfriend,who seems to be a nice girl but I could see on his Facebook wall her likes and comments since the time when he kept saying he liked me and trying to make me change my mind because we've had our ups and downs before I told him I didn't like him anymore.Anyway since then I can't stop thinking about him and I dream of him and I feel like I want him back and I know I don't love him but I still want him and I got crazy when I found out he had a girlfriend ,even crazier when I thought that he might have been with her even at the time when he said that he liked me,this morning when I woke up my first thought (daydreaming) was him kissing me and telling me that he would leave her for me.Whenever I feel sad and lonely I think of him hugging me and making me feel whenever I see him he changes way,he always avoids me and I feel terrible.weve never actually ended things since they never really started but I know that for me this hasn't ended yet.idk what to do,i mean try to talk to him and get him back or just let him be happy with his gf?


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  • What you are experiencing is basic kindergarten behavior. Like you have a toy, you love that toy but get bored and leave it, but when another kid starts playing with it you're all "Hey! That is MY toy B***"

    It is perfectly normal to feel that way, but as you said, he was never even yours to start with. How can you want something back if it never even belonged to you?

    What I suggest you do is to let him be happy. You lost your chance. He'll break up with her anyway (judging from your age) so just let them be :)

    • Its probably just like you said but the problem is that I have been thinking of him being mine before I found out he had a gf,but yeah I do want his attention back when I don't have it,it has happpened to me before so yeah, you're probably right,he was never mine :/

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