Am I safe to say I think she likes me?

This girl... I asked her out a few times and she kept turning me down. But then we took a train ride together to London last weekend - we had a deep conversation and it seemed to have changed her mind? She said to me she's still taking some time getting over her ex (they broke up 4-5 months ago) which is why she had been a little hesitant to hang out with me. Well since last weekend she's been texting me proactively with lots of smiley faces and long texts, telling me about her day etc. So it's turned the corner?

Wow she just asked me out on a date - this basically seals the deal to the question right?


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  • yes she likes you.

  • She may have just really been busy, etc. and then had a bit of free time. In addition are her feelings (about dating and breakups) to consider. She's wise not to jump into a new thing, to avoid that "rebound guy" syndrome.


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