I miss my boyfriend and I don't know what to do about it.

My boyfriend broke up with me in August. He didn't give me a reason he did it the cowardly way through text message but he lives about 10 minutes from me in a car. He works near where I live too. I haven't talked to him since he apologized for the way he broke up worth me but for some reason I still miss him. Even though I keep myself occupied. So my QUESTION is: Should I call his job and ask him directly for his number? Because he is the manager. Or should I go up to his job and pretend to buy something? Or should I just let it go?


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  • I would suggest moving on but if you're dead set on getting his number and continuing to talk, do NOT do it via phone. Go in and ask for it in person. You'd be emulating his cowardice otherwise.


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  • Just drop it, you broke up for a reason.

  • Why did the two of you break up in the first place? Answer that first and then we'll talk.

    • I sent him a text message saying "you wouldn't rape/hurt me would you?" Because even though I have never been raped before I have been a victim of verbal abuse and I never had sex with him so I asked him that. Then he replied "i don't think you are ready for a relationship." Bur even after he broke up with me we remained friends for like 5 seconds lol and I haven't spoken with him for 5 months. I even deleted his number

    • Why on earth would you ask him such a loaded question? You implied that he could be a potential rapist. Imagine if he asked you if you could potentially touch little children sexually? Wouldn't that do wonders for your faith in him to view you as an upstanding person? Sorry dear, but you made a fatal mistake when implying that he could rape you, or would to do so. He doesn't want to be falsely accused of rape if you change your mind later. This guy is done, time to move on to the next one.

    • Well I wasn't planning on dating anytime soon. Even if I wanted too I'm too busy with school and work and being hot

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  • I would just let it go. If the guy broke up with you through text message, he isn't worth your time. who does that?!

    I know it hurts, but time really does heal wounds.

    you would only be setting yourself up to be hurt all over again.

    dont do it to yourself - you are better than that!