Too soon to do something for his birthday?

We have been on a few dates but his birthday is coming up next weekend. I was thinking of cooking him dinner...would it be too soon after dating for 2 weeks?

If it is I was thinking of taking him to a good dessert and hot chocolate place.


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  • Umm depends how he wants to spend his birthday I guess. I like the dessert place idea (seems a little safer) and he has the option of inviting others. But no I don't think it is too soon. It's his birthday and at the very least you are a friend so why wouldn't you do something nice for him like cook?

    • i asked him last night if he had plans and he said no. he said he isn't big on doing things. I doubt he would bring friends. I know he likes me a lot though

    • Then yeah a casual dinner or dessert would be a great idea. Just a date with a little something extra :)

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