Guy disappearing and I break up with him to get back at him.

There's this guy, we started going out at the beginning of the year, for 3 weeks or so, everything was okay (I even met his friends)

One day I noticed he's not really responsive, so I stopped contacting him just to see if he would care to ask how I'm doing, and he didn't AT ALL.. basically after a week of nothing I texted him that I think it isn't nice to obviously end anything this way. (which by the way he didn't reply to either).

Time goes by, I clearly forgot about him, and after 5 months I was amazed to receive a text from him, wishing me a happy holiday, I thanked out of politeness to get it over with but he continued sending me more texts, at that point I was very cold towards him cause he hurt me, until one day I asked him (all in texts still) why did he disappear on me before and why is he talking to me now? his answer was "things changed,i changed"

I'm very understanding, so I agreed to meet with him, we met, and we started going out regularly again, he told me many nice things of how he feels different with me and romantic things like that. At the beginning I did ask him what happened before, and he said "i don't know what happened then" anyway I moved on, and this time around even when we weren't physically together, I would get messages from him and calls, he really tried, and I made sure he knew I'm happy with him. we even made plans for a vacation together, for me it felt as if he is the one.This whole ordeal lasted a month and ended (from my side) yesterday. he flew last week (he always flies for his job) for a business meeting, and right before the flight we spoke all lovey dovey everything was great, I texted him asking if he's OK, and he replied with a cold "yes" never asked how I'm doing or anything, anyway I was reminded of the past and I tested him by not texting him at all just to see if he does. Again, nothing. He flew back home and still, nothing. I texted him that I see we're going back to the past, he read the message yet,nothing. I called, didn't pick up. I texted him again commanded him to call me and he finally did, at first he said everything was OK and he's just busy with people out and about, but it still didn't hold me back from letting him know that I want to know what's going on, so finally he said "im confused I don't know what I want, I had a bad business trip,idk ill think about what I want to do with us and ill call you back" I said what do you mean think about it? I did nothing wrong and your going to think about it? let me know yes or no? again he said he'll think about it and hung up, which made me really irritated, because its rude. so I texted him a few min after saying "ill make it easier on u, I'm not looking for a confused man in my life, I gave you a 2nd chance, its not going to happen again, sit with yourself and with your frustration all alone and don't bother contacting me again,u don't know to appreciate the right ppl" After I sent the message he never replied back, not even trying to defend himself. I'm very confused to what's going on w/him

i didn't have more room to type, but I really would love to hear your thoughts. this guy is important to me by now, I saw a future with him, I just don't get why he always pulls back and I do know that if this time around I wasn't litteraly commanding him to call me, he probably never would have returned my calls or replying to my text, just like last time. he said he was happy, everything was fine, everything changes w/him so dramtically and extreme. I'm glad I texted what I did, do you think he's sad?
do you think he's struck by the message and now he regrets it since I'm the one who told him I don't want to be with him? I had to change the cards around, for my own ego, but I'm still very sad.. I really hope he is too.. I don't know what he feels.. its bothering me :(


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  • Sounds like you were playing games with him and they backfired. I don't know what to tell you. If you want to talk to someone talk to them don't ignore them to see what they do. If you want to be with someone don't text them telling them it's over. Also some of the texting it seems like you were overreacting or misreading his emotions. Maybe you should talk with him on the phone more instead of texting


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  • try talking to him.

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