Why do guys never text girls first? But seem so interested when they reply?

I always have to text this guy first I text him once or twice a week I have for the last 4 weeks he replies every time and we talk for long. He also uses smileys in every message.

So would a guy wait for the girl to text first even if he was interested? And why?

And if he knew the girl was interested would it be the same?


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  • i text 1st all the time so I can't really relate but I presume most guys do it because they don't wanna seem desperate =/


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes a guy would wait if you've created a pattern that you will always text first. Which you have. Why would he put in the effort and time when he knows you'll do it for him? Call me old-fashioned, but until I'm in a relationship with someone, I think the guy should do more of the "first texts/first calls." It's not to say you can't send one everyone once in a while. But if you really want him to text you, stop altogether. Chances are he'll wonder why he's not getting his usually twice a week text and then he'll text you.

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