Does it matter if a girl used to date a few guys?

Hey guys, I really need your opinion on this! There's a guy I just met, and I started to have feelings for him. During the conversation, I know he is single and he has never dated any girls.We are both in the same college. I am a sophomore and he is a senior. However, I have had four boyfriends before. Does it matter if I dated a few guys? Should I tell him the truth about how many guys I've dated? So guys, if the girl you like have dated more people than you do, what would you feel? Thanks!


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  • If you tried to make a relationship out of the previous boys, that's good. If they were just casual sex, that's bad. Most guys don't mind a girl having previous boyfriends, providing she wasn't sleeping around in between men. Men don't like slutty girls for girlfriends. If you were in serious relationships, that's not a problem.


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  • It's none of my business some things I just don't need to know you had a life before we met that's all I need to know

    • But if it is a serious relationship, do guys wanna know?

    • something serious more then 6mos. less then that mat as well be a fling. If it was real YES I do I want to be part of your life something that importent to you is as importent to me.

      you should not have to hide your past from anyone it's who you are if anybody does not like who you once were nobody will like who you are. Sorry for going on & on...

  • As long as it wasn't some huge number like double digits+, I think it's okay. I'm 22 (which is probably around his age) and don't go into a date with the expectation that I would be the girl's first boyfriend.

    But as a general rule, don't talk about your ex's. We really don't want to hear about them.

    • Thx! That's a good advice!

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