Why do guys act like they want a relationship than back off when you let yourself like them?

Every good looking succesful guy that's 25-28 that I meet wants to chaise after me and take me on a few dates (I even meet half of them threw online dating). In the begining they kept talking about how they see me in their future and they can't believe how much they like me for me not just my looks but because I'm sweet, deep, funny, smart, corky.. They take me on really nice dates etc. Once I start to let myself like them after they treat me so well, they lose almost all their interest in me and stop trying.. They still act like they want to sleep with me (verry few actually have slept with me in the first place) but none of these guys act like they want a relationship anymore.

Is there anything that I can do to keep these guys interested and for them to keep treating me really well?


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  • Because they probably just wanted you for sex. Or they think they are ready, but when a girl actually likes them, they freeze and freak lol.

    • is there anything I can do to keep a guy from freezing? Will they come around if I don't contact them when I don't hear from them after a few days? I was reciently on 3-4 dates with a guy in a week, and we had only kissed etc.. He was so into me.. Than he backed off but still whould bring up next time/ or when I see you the two times I contacted him.. He is being confusing and told me that he really loves my personality & is very attracted to me and def wants to hang out again, but he doesn't...

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    • lol sorry age is just a number.. I'm still going threw my quarter life crisis as silly as it sounds.. It's an age when my friends and I realize were no longer growing or developing but starting to buy preventative wrinkle cream, some people find their first gray hair, some guys are going bald, firsts are starting to get married.. It's sort of a "when did we grow up?" moment lol

    • haha I wasn't meaning anything about it. Know that age well, when you realize you're all grown. Well, I refuse to completely be an adult all the time. Life's too short to not have the occasional silliness.

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