Should I explain to him about my past or will that scare him away

I have a really hard time trusting people now, I have a hard time when someone doesn't text back because when my ex wouldn't respond I found out after we broke up it was when he was cheating on me. I know I should trust this new guy I am seeing because he has done nothing to make me not trust him, but he didn't text back and I started to freak out. So should I explain to him what happened and I am working on it, and if he is willing to work on it with me? or should I not say anything?


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  • You just started dating so that's something I would keep to my self for now.wait until you know the guy is gonna be around for awhile before you go telling him your past still don't know him like that. If a guy did that to me,I can't lie, my first thought would be that he's got too many issues...we all have baggage but don't unload it to someone you just barely started dating


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  • I would say it depends on how long you have known each other. If its still fresh relationship it might scare him off. Just take it slow and day by day. If it was just once probably not a big deal

  • I feel your pain because I feel the same way when my boyfriend doesn't reply or took a long time to reply. But I agree with the girls, keep it to yourself in the beginning of the relationship. I know its very hard and you will keep worrying and wondering why he didn't reply but try not to drive yourself crazy over thinking this because I've done that and I wasn't happy with him and we eventually broke up. If you think he's trustworthy then you should give him the benefit of doubt. Good luck