I need help decoding my crush's texts!

Okay me and his situation is complicated but all last year we talked and Facebooked and he even texted me over te summer randomly about sports! However this year we established he only sees me as a friend,maybe because we don't talk in person. We have hung out in groups together but not really said anything but we still text

I text him first but either way he says "haha" a lot, asks me questions sometimes but also gives a lot of one word answers like word or nice or sure. I respond to them sometimes. Is that bad!

How can I even tell if he sees me as a friend and even likes texting me!

Also, Could it be the kind of person he is that he doesn't say or is it me Because we texted ad both promised we'd acknowledge each other!

I don't understand him! One more thing! He texted me a few days after I texted him apologizing for not responding the other day then we had a mini convo. But the day after that e asked to borrow twenty dollars. I gave it to him because we could finally talk in person; we did and it wasn't awkward (that was the only time we have really talked). He said he's not using me and sees me as a friend but is he and was the apologetic text before that only so he could ask me for money the next day?!

I don't get him help!


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  • "haha" is just a nice way of saying you have nothing else to say, he doesn't know how to respond tp it and he seems bored. One word answers can result in boredom, not interested, or maybe he just has a boring personality. If he sends you a one word answer, don't respond back. Next time, let him text you first and if he responds to one word answers still, then he is just a boring guy on text. Why would he say he is not using you? that just shows that he maybe feels like he is using you which is stupid, guys these days xD they are confusing, but I think they think the same way for girls. If the only reason for him to talk in person with you is for borrowing money? that's just ridiculous. I would not do him any more favors that involve money.

    • Thanks..do you think he sees me as a friend though and I can't tell how he feels when he texts me; he says ha ha and ask questions too so I'm confused!

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    • if he texts you first and has longer conversations. Put yourself in his shoes, if you have a crush on them, you want to text them and talk to them as much as possible, come up with a convo etc.

    • Thank! One more scenario: He's my hookup on something so two days ago we talked in person, I payed him and he gave me it. He then texted me asking if I liked it and we had a good long conversation, where he was asking me if I wanted to buy from him again tmro. He said he'd let me know and I said the same thing but I was busy so that day at night I texted him saying "Hey sorry I didn't let you know earlier, thanks for the offer though" No response..why? He didn't let me know either but is he mad?