Does he just want sex?

I met this guy from an online dating site. We go out to dinner and then he takes me back to his place and we watch a movie, cuddle, make out a bit, and then I end up spending the night (we did NOT have sex, I made that very clear, just a lot of cuddling). He wanted to have sex, of course, but he didn't pressure me. He also makes a lot of sexual jokes and is super touchy feely, which I'm sure means he's only after sex.

But then, the next day, he takes me out to lunch and shows me around town and takes me to watch a chick flick - HIS suggestion, mind you, 'cause I hate chick flicks - and then we meet his friends at a bar. He's been bragging to his friends about talking to me before we even met in person, and then when I meet them he makes an effort to incorporate me into conversations and activities. This confused me a bit; if he's only after sex, would he even take the time to introduce me to friends? Or is this just an elaborate ploy to get into my pants? I'm guessing the latter, so right now I'm being cautious.

Afterwards, when I left, he texted me right away, and we're still texting. He's also dropped several hints of future dates ("We should go see that movie together the next time you're in town"; "I should take you to see this and that sometime..."). Overall, I had a great time with him, but I'm not sure I wanna keep dating him if he doesn't slow down.

So what do you guys/girls think? Is this guy solely after sex or should I give it a few more dates and see how it goes?


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What Guys Said 1

  • A majority of American males has sex as an expectation. It is up to you wether you give it to him or not.

    Mr. Right could have sex as an expectation, but if you deny that from him, then he's out of your life forever.

    • Of course sex is an expectation, it's an expectation for ME too - but on the first date? Come on.

What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like he genuinely likes you to me. I'd go on a few more dates with him if I were you, though it might be a good idea to tell him you need him to slow down a bit since its freaking you out a little. I think he was so touchy feely because he likes you and is really excited about you. The fact that he didn't pressure you at all for sex makes it seem like you are more than just a conquest you know. Actually, I have no idea where you seem to be getting the notion he only wants sex. Nothing you've listed here is indicative of that.

    • Really? Okay, well, I guess I'm just not used to that. Most guys I've dated have taken it slower with me. But all right, this is really good then. I'll give it a go. I've been out of the dating game for awhile, so I'm a bit cautious right now. Thank you for the feedback!

    • yeah just don't jump in the sack with him right away, but don't give up a potentially good thing just because you're a little nervous.

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