Girl keeps telling me we are friends on a date?

This girl keeps insisting we are just friends on a date. But we went from coffee to shopping, to another coffee, and then we had dinner together at my place. She must have some sort of feelings for me if we had a date for basically the whole day? This is her friend zoning me?


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  • ugh why do women do this? how annoying... just laugh it off... draw an imaginary line and saw "I will not cross this" and cross your heart! lol

    • I'm glad some women appreciate the kinds of hoops some of your fellow species put us through :)

    • Anyways I've put her into the too-hard basket and referred her onto my friend (who happens to be a self-professed casanova) :D As much as I love to spend more time with her, it is just going to impinge on my sanity and ultimately lead to my demise.

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  • I would assume those were dates especially since you invited her over your place for dinner. Have you showed any type of affection towards her or kissed her after so many dates if not then she just might see you as a friend.

    • Sorry I didn't make it clear - we did those activities today. Basically 2pm to 9pm. Hmm I'm a bit timid when it comes to showing physical affection, and also this is our first date so I didn't want to move so fast. She is someone who isn't great at saying no though, so I'm not sure whether she's just being agreeable vs. actually likes me.

    • Ohhh OK makes sense now. Its kind of early but if she is insisting you are just friends then that's how she may have saw the day as just hanging out with you as a friend. If she was flirtatious with you throughout the day that may be a sign she's interested but if you go out again she will give indicators if she is interested

    • Ok I see, so you're saying I need to use subsequent dates to gauge her interest :)

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  • I think you're just a friend. Girls don't go shopping as a date.

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