How can I get over this guy?

I've asked questions about this guy before. Well, I have new developments.

Here is the entire story, as short as I can make it: I met him. He had a girlfriend. We've been flirty from the start, which I know was a bad choice considering his girlfriend. He gave me his number. He almost always texted me first, and tried to initiate sexting (which, admittedly, I participated in on two occasions. sorry.). He also tried to get me to send topless photos, which I didn't. Last week, I sent him a message saying I would NOT send photos until he was single. Then, this past Monday, I sent another message saying that I wouldn't sext anymore because I didn't even know if he liked me, and he had a girlfriend. Next day, he tells me he likes me, and Thursday, tells me he broke up with his girlfriend.

New things are that today, we were kinda half-way dirty texting (I mean, he doesn't have a girlfriend anymore so what the hell) and being all flirty and stuff. Then, he tells me he's texting this new girl. I don't act very excited about it, and so he asks if I was okay with it, I tell him that truthfully, no I am not okay with it, and that I was tired of him leading me on (making me think he likes me, that things are going somewhere, then to start talking about a different girl), and to choose what he wanted to do. He told me he was going to keep talking to this new girl.

So, I figure nothing is going to happen anymore. Any ideas on how to get over him? Or, should I stick around just in case? Thanks!


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  • Im sorry to hear you are in this predicament, I certainly would not wait for this guy, he is taking you for a ride. I'm older than you and have had my share of men doing the same thing to me, They will say anything to a girl just to get them to do something in the name oif sex, like he is doing to you. Are you SURE he gor rid of the gf? He could very easily be lying to you just so you will send him pics and sext with him. Funny coincidence that he just happened to tell you he got rid of his girlfriend after you told him you werent going to to send him anymore pics or sext him again. And then he has the gall to tell you that he is talking to a new girl and is asking you if you mind? he is a MORON and a user. He does not deserve a good girl like you. I know its hard to see the light sometimes but hopefully he is showing his true colors to you now and GOd give you the power to see what an ass of a man he really is.

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