I have a crush on this guy but my friend said she thinks he might be gay?

I've known him since September, we see each other once a week in class. He's friendly with me and we laugh and smile about random stuff, sometimes he glances at me and he generally seems nice. I have a friend who's also in the class but he doesn't talk to any of the other students.

We've walked out of class together so this week I gathered up my confidence, walked out with him, and asked him if he wanted to study for the exam together. During class he seemed tired and out of it but I just thought it was due to the stress of this time of year. He said we could study together, I asked him if he wanted my number and he said okay, then a couple minutes later he texted me so I would have his.

This was a few days ago. I replied to his text with my name and I haven't heard anything back. He mentioned we could study together next week, so I guess maybe he'll just text me then? I was kind of hoping to be able to talk to him over text. I use a text messaging app and I got a notification today that he downloaded it too, so I know he's using his phone.

I'm not freaking out about this or anything, but I do think he's cute :P But then I was telling my friend who's in the same class about him and she said that she got a "gay vibe" from him so I'm not sure... She's a few years older than me so I'm wondering if maybe she knows better than I do? Does it sound like he might be interested? Even if he is gay/not interested I would like to have more guy friends if it'd be possible to hang out with him that way.

He has also initiated conversations with me if that helps. He's a year older than me.


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  • I wouldn't listen to your friend. A lot of shy/quiet guys who aren't always hitting on girls in a super cocky way might come off as gay. Very few men are actually gay. The odds are that he's straight and just not the super outgoing, cocky and confident type. He could be thinking you're only interested in study time, so he's not making an effort to "bug" you outside of class duties. If you like him like that, you should tell him he's handsome next time you see him in person and watch his reaction. If he responds well to it, hint that the two of you should spend time together outside of class, and not just to study. :)

    • turns out he is gay lol oh well, we can still hang out

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