Would he say yes to a coffee date if he didn't want to go?

I've known this guy for a while, we worked together for a few months and would always talk, in a way that I considered flirty but nothing really ever came of it, maybe because we worked together, but he's also a little awkward around girls, he told me he used to be really insecure, and I think sometimes he compensates by acting a little aloof "like a bro" for lack of better terminology. We've started talking again recently and I texted him and asked him if he would want to get coffee. He replied with "that would be chill". I have a few questions, does he think its a date? would he have said yes just because we are friendly and he would have felt bad saying no? does he get the hint that I'm interested in him?


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  • Date - probably not in the "romantic" way that you're thinking.

    Going just because he's friendly - probably not... especially if he had to go out of his way to do it.

    Hint that you're interested - hard to tell from just the paragraph you posted.


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