Should I Reduce Complimenting?

So when texting and chatting on fb, and just talking in text in general, I usually say things like, "Hey beautiful" or "whats up cutie?" or something like that. I dunno, its kinda a force of habit, and just the way I operate. I casually say that they are hot, cute, sweet, sexy, gorgeous, etc.

An example is that me and a girl were texting, and she was doing English homework, and she was reading the book Pearl. So I said that she's quite the pearl.

But today I was talking to a different girl on Facebook, and she said that "You better not be being nice to me for no reason. There was a guy who told me that then turned to my friend to embarrass me."

And that got me thinking. Is it bad that I complement girls too much? I do this all the time in real life as well. I never lie when saying things like that though. I'm a single pringle, but I'm not looking for a relationship. I'm just telling them what they are.

So should I reduce complementing?


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  • I can honestly say that I used to be the same way. I'm not anymore, not because it is wrong, but because since high school graduation, I haven't had a group of close (girl) friends. In my senior year I would often greet my friends in newspaper (an all girl class!) with, "hey beautiful/gorgeous" because that was just how I was with those girls. I never had an interest in any of them and sometimes I was just saying it to say it while other times I meant it.

    I'm kind of upset that I don't have that close group of girls as friends anymore because I miss being comfortable enough with a group of girls to talk to them like that. I always enjoyed the smile that came across their face and I honestly kept the compliments going because it really made them happy! I think I may begin to start up the compliments again with some friends here, but at the same time I would have to warn you (and myself as well) that too many compliments can be a very bad thing. Telling a girl she is beautiful every other day may be flattering the first few times, but after a while she may begin to realize you just compliment her a lot and think it doesn't mean as much as it does. So compliment them occasionally and NOT often.

    Also, make sure not to compliment other girls when you have your eyes on a specific girl. You don't want the title of "the player" being tossed around because you enjoy to make a girl's day. Make sure to treat it as that also, a compliment can truly make their day so try and drop one during a day that they may not be feeling their best!

    Do compliment: when she may have received a bad test grade.

    Do NOT compliment: when she just broke up with her boyfriend of two years (atleast within the first week or so).


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  • I personally don't like it when guys do that. It sends the wrong message if you aren't interested in the girl. I find it to be annoying and it makes me think that the guy is a player or something..

    There's nothing wrong with complimenting, just try to reduce it to when there's a reason instead of every single time you greet them. It just seems ingenuine when you keep throwing out compliments to EVERY girl ALL the time.

  • no way I love compliments, as long as they're genuine.

  • Yes. You come off as a complete douche bag. Yah, you will talk to the girls here and there but when you say sh*t like that it's like you're hinting at something or flirting, mixed signals. Then, if she starts developing feelings for you and you're "just being nice" and she sees all this other stuff you're saying to other girls you look like an even bigger douche bag then you sound like. There's a fine line between complimenting, being nice/sincere or coming off as a huge player that says the same sh*t to every other girl or something.

  • Bbwalldude,

    If the complementing is a natural standard for you then by all means go ahead and do it, it's nice to be complemented and be told sweet things. How could that possibly be bad!

    I like it when guys say this stuff to me, sure say it.


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  • Same boat here, when I meet new people I'm known as Mr, Compliment. :(