I thought that night he was really into me, but I'm confused now.

so the night before Thanksgiving a few weeks ago me and my friends hit up the local bar we usually go to for a few drinks. I saw a cute guy that I've seen up there playing pool with one of my good friends several times and we hung out the whole night. whenever we would finish a game of pool he'd ask if I wanted to go smoke with him, etc. afterward, he came back to my friends house to chill and smoke with us. he ended up staying the night, just as I did, and we ended up spooning/cuddling on the couch all night together. he never tried anything, we didn't kiss or anything other than cuddle. I thought he was into me, but I have only really talked to him a couple times since then and when I text him sometimes he texts back, but most of the time he doesn't. what does that mean? I thought that night he was really into me, but I'm confused now :(


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  • Just maybe he rather you call sometime then to text and then again he might not be keeping up with the amount of times you text for a response to each one when he already responded to a couple or few and figured he responded. Maybe if you stop texting for a while it will throw him off a bit as to why you haven't making him think he better find out in order not to lose you. Maybe that night he wanted to had sex or figured you're just a taser. Maybe you should clearified yourself on that so that he know where you stand and you will find out what his intenetions are with you.

    • thank you for your answer! I don't think he necessarily wanted to have sex, I'm thinking he would have tried to make some sort of insinuation if he was. my friend said he's a good guy that he's actually one of his few friends that isn't a douchebag so that makes me think he's not that type of guy. we were flirting texting each other back and forth sitting beside each other on the couch that night, I was wearing his hat the whole night and I made some comment that I'm pretty in it and he said yeah you are

    • You know what you're doing. More power to you. I he appreciate your type of quality of a woman.

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