What should I do about my date tonight?

Meeting this chick for the first time tonight. Currently I have somewhat of a cold. No fever or anything, just a lot of congestion, and a very runny nose. Should I ask her if we can move the date to Thurs, or should I go ahead with the date tonight with kleenex, or hanky in my pocket?

I ended up asking if it would be okay to move the date to next week. She said that was okay, and told me several times that she was sorry I felt bad, and hoped I get well soon. It turns out I started feeling better at the time the date would've happened, except I started losing my voice.


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  • Postpone it

    She'll understand


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  • Go on the date. It's not like you got yourself sick on purpose. Unless your hawking up your insides and bordering on being bedridden, go ahead. This is a great way to see if she is really into or not. If she is she might try to make you as comfortable as possible on your date, if not she'd be disgusted. Goodluck :)

  • I think you should go and just tell her that you don't feel 100% - that is what did and he seemed to like that I was into him so much that I would not postpone.

    • Well I thought she might not appreciate sitting across from someone who was sneezing, and blowing their nose every 2minutes. I think It would be very distracting trying to have a convos for the both of us.

    • That's up to you, maybe just tell her you are sick and tell her that you still want to see her if she is OK with it. She might very well want to reschedule. Like I said in my case I told the guy I wasn't 100% but still wanted to see him and he really appreciated it, so much he kissed me and caught the same thing I had! lol

    • Yeah, it would be one thing if just wasn't feeling well, but I can see me saying.."hold that thought while I blow my nose again". I ended up sending her a message explaining my situation, and asked if we could move the meeting to Thur. Now I just hope she reads it before the date! I don't have her number, so I sent her an email on the dating site. Thanks for your help.

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