My mind doesn't hurt but my heart hurts?

Im going trough a rough time, with dating and a boy , long story short

he isn't talk to me al of the suddent, after our last date was great

and I don't know what has happened, he says he is busy all the time etc, I've known him for years and now he's ignoring me


Mentally I'm like yeah whatever he sucks etc

but than my heart hurts so much

like I don't know how to stop the pain

like my mind doesn't hurt but my heart does..



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  • I know that feeling :( I have feelings for this girl, but she it taken. We have hung out a couple times and every time we seem to be really hitting it off. This last time we hung out, we spent the day together and we both really had a great time, but since then, she has been acting the same way your guy is acting. Frankly, the best thing to do is confront him about it. Maybe something is going on in his head or in his life that has really been bothering him, you should get him to tell you if something is wrong, and if he says nothing, keep trying to find out, just don't get too annoying with it. Try the "I miss you" line, say I really had fun during our last date and since you have just been blowing me off. There is most likely a reason, and it would be best if you could confront him one-on-one somehow where you two can be alone and talk about it.

    Good luck, I know its a pretty sucky feeling :/


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