I like a guy, but I'm not I want to date him. What should I do?

I have known this guy for 5 years. last summer, he said that he liked me and wanted to date me. he believes that we are soul mates because I have helped him so much (he was suicidal). before this happened, I thought about him being my boyfriend, but him saying he liked me shocked me. so I agreed to date him. later though, I realized that my parents would not go for it and the bad feeling in my stomach kept getting worse.

so I told him that we shouldn't date and he was bitterly disappointed and sad. just recently though, I think I'm beginning to develop feelings for him. I've talked to my parents and they are cool with it and he wants to date, but now that everything is set straight, I'm not entirely sure I want to date him.

this will be my first boyfriend and so I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. I wasn't ever really physically attracted to him. I mean he has his cute moments and I think I'd really like to date him. I just don't know about the kissing part of dating. I don't know what to do. suggestions?


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  • Sometimes you girls are very confused even if a guy is there for you. What you want he is upset when you are not with him. he misses you a lot. He try to be with you every time. How much he loves you. Can't you see?

    Go lady...he is your soulmate...Trust on my words. Go ahead!

    All the best.


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