A guy I used to date wrote a tweet about me!

I dated a guy back in April and May, so around 7-8 months ago. We broke up because of the distance over the summer and I just happened to find someone else over the summer. we are in the same student group which is how we met and we also have the same campus job, teaching an online freshman seminar and we just happen to be in the same theme too out of 20-30 other themes that is offered. throughout the semester, we did not talk at all really. for our job, we have biweekly meetings. I usually go on Tuesdays while he goes on Sundays, since our theme has 2 different availabilities. This week I am not able to go to my usual day because I had a work shift that I was not expecting, so I ended up going to the Sunday meeting which is what he goes to. I did not think it was awkward but we did not have eye contact or talk or anything like that. the thing is that he wrote a tweet about me saying "oh the weirdness of attending a work meeting with an ex of mine. never ever date someone who could be a co-worker of yours. #LessonLearned". I was shocked when I saw it because we broke up a long time ago, and I don't even consider him my ex. We went on 2 dates, hung out a few other times, and he slept over a handful of times, and we did not do anything sexual. My question for all of you is why he is being so immature about this? I have dated or been with a lot of guys since I broke up with him and I talk to pretty much all of them now except 1.


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  • He is being immature but is speaking the truth. It is awkward. But if you two are no longer together than I would say don't look on his twitter or any social networking sites. In a situation like this I would advice being friendly with him since you do work together but unfriend him and do not follow him on any sites. His business is his as if yours.

    • it's no awkward. we see each other every week at our student org meeting (how we met). we just do not acknowledge one another and I have been used to that all semester. a meeting is not a big deal because it lasted 30 minutes and we did not talk. our boss talked the whole time.

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    • well that's how people in college meet someone who could actually be worth someone. places like work, extra curriculars, or coffee shops. not places like the club or a bar. he might as well go on dating websites so he doesn't have to see her everyday.

    • Just trying to help but you seem defensive.

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