Do I keep trying or give it up?

we talk like almost every night for hrs online and she is like weird around me... I think she likes me but not 100% sure...

she is REALLY shy

when we are online together I ask "who else you chatting to"

@ like 1am she is only chatting to me and we stay up most every night

i have asked her to "study with me"

i have asked her to "go hang out at the mall"

lol I don't know what's up with quotes

but she is not allowed or busy... kinda discouraging...


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  • When I don't like a guy I just answer his questions and then stop talking. I try not to lead people on. We girls have a pretty good sence of when someone likes us. Most of us. And when we don't like them we try to discourage them. Not starting conversations, abruptly ending them blah blah blah. If you are lower on the food chain then she is there is only a small chance that she likes u. Don't worry their are plenty of fish in the sea. :)


What Guys Said 1

  • God, must be an age thing. you talk to her for hours and not sure if she diggs? weird? a little.

    Try and be decisive. Put her on the spot. ask her if she wants to hang out for real because you don't want to stay up all night.

    If she's like "why not?" (immature little girl) Say because I want to sleep its 1 am and sleeping is Fing awesome. I don't wanna be tired tomorrow.

    Take charge man. make her revolve around you. not you revolving around her.

    • How old is this girl? Jesus dude just don't talk to her so much. you have school in the morning besides its not going anywhere. haha this makes me feel old