Would someone date me even if I'm really shy?

Most girls that I know and are my friends say that I am very sweet and kind.

I know that if I really loved someone I would pretty much do anything for them, I've dated in the past and that's what everyone said, but I haven't dated in a while and I really like someone but haven't had the courage to ask her out on a date, please help.


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  • Yeah, someone would date you if you're really shy, but probably only if you try to put aside your shyness to make a move towards the girl. Most girls aren't brave enough to make the first move because it's not as common, so it could be looked as "pathetic" since guys are "supposed" to be the ones making the move. If you like her, just try to talk to her if you already haven't. I know it's hard because I'm shy too, but the only way you'll get anywhere is if you try to muster up the courage to make a move. You're under 18 so both of you probably have a Facebook. Talk to her on there. Or post a status about something you both have in common so she can comment about it and you guys can talk, or she can realize that you guys have stuff in common. I don't know if you both have fbs though, and are you guys already friends and already talk? Because if you guys are already friends, then just ask her out. Really the only reason why some girls might stay away from liking a shy guy is because of him being too nervous to make a move. She could like you and be hoping for you to make a move, so you never know until you do it.

    • I thin that it is a whole fear of rejection, but I'm not shy to a very high degree. I talk to her a lot of Facebook and in school and parties, but I don't know if she likes me but she always really sticks next to me at parties and at school because we have all the same classes and always is interested in my life and I listen to hers too. She always texts me and looks at me and compliments me, I do the same and compliment her every day, se always hugs me or kisses me when we leave school.

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    • She only has this behavior towards me. So I'll just ask her out.

    • Okay, good luck! Hope it works out well!

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  • shy guys are the best, they are usually the most honest and value the relationship more...


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  • I used to have this problem all the time before I found my true love. Do you know her on a talking and hanging out basis? or is she around at work, or in a class?

    If you talk to her and stuff, just be like hey! why don't we hang out? then while hanging out, be like, "Hey I really like you, I know I am shy and stuff, but I was wondering,

    but if you are still in just checking her out and wanting to know her grounds, find out what she is into? or find something annoying like crowds, bad weather, or whatever, to break that ice.

    be like "Gotta love the crowds here sarcastically and let off a laugh" as an example. Chances are she will reply. then reply back and introduce yourself. go from there. and throw in, "you are a really attractive woman, just sayin. somewhere in the chat.

    I know sounds easier said than done. I've been there. but you never know unless you try right?

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