Is telling your boyfriend he can go on a date while you're on a break a bad idea?

I'm an idiot aren't i? I said he could but I didn't really want him to. and now I think if he does, he'll like her better than me..

question says it all.

  • Why the hell did you tell him he could go on a date with another girl??
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  • Yes your an idiot.
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  • I'm sure he won't like her better
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  • Tell him you changed your mind
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agh I need more answers
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i told him I changed my mind.


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  • I think you acted in the moment and wanted to please him by giving him the answer he wants to hear, instead of speaking your true feelings.

    Communication of your true feelings in these situations isn't the easiest thing to do, but this is when it's most important to demonstrate how you feel.

    Hopefully you learn a lesson from this and not repeat the same mistake. :)

  • "On a break" = broken up. If you tell him you want a break that means you are not together and he can do whatever he wants, including go on a date with another girl. If that bothers you then you shouldn't have broken up in the first place.

    • We didn't 'break up' we had a mutal decision to 'take a break' because the fights were getting overwhelming.

    • It's the same thing. If you're "on a break" then you are NOT a couple for the duration of that break and you can do whatever you want and date whoever you want.

  • You dun goofed.

  • "I said he could but I didn't really want him to."'

    Well, in the future, don't do that. Honesty is important if you actually want to have a functional relationship.

    • I did hint at it though.. I should have been strait up and said no in the first place

  • Breaks are short break ups, and during that break you shouldn't have say in what or who he does, since your technically not with him until the relationship resumes.

    I can't say that it's a bad idea, without knowing all the specifics, but it does imply that you can't stay together and work through your issues, or you're just tired of each other and want to assess the relationship. All in all, I'd say it's not a good sign that you'll remain together over the long haul.

    Good luck.

  • You've fallen prey to the standard female trap - you don't know what you want, and even when you think you do, you lie about it, so it's almost impossible to get what you want.

    Learn to be honest about your emotions. Your life will be so much happier, if you just learn that basic lesson.


What Girls Said 6

  • 1. I've met girls who do this, have a certain point of view where they don't get jealous, and then they date too, go back to the guy and try again, and if it's successful they just leave it to a life experience, no freaking out. I'd say a low percent, if you're very secure, it's okay.

    2. I've done this, and my friends have, and said, "Take a break, see other people and lets reassess the relationship." If you worry about her being better than your in some way, losing him, resent thinking about him being intimate with her...and then when he comes back to reassess, no matter if you gave him a pink slip or may cause resentment and fear.

    I'm #2, and a lot of gals I know are. The only way to handle it is to work on the relationship by talking, trying new things to improve it, if that doesn't work, then agree to break up and move on.

    That's my take after 23 years of relationships/dating.

    • Preach it.

    • It won't let me update so..

      Majority voted D. I told him I changed my mind and we ended the 'break'. we were doing it in the first place because that's what GAG users had told us we needed on another question. it might have even worked but we'll never know now.

  • What are you going to lose if he likes her better than you?

    That would mean you wouldn't last anyway.

    Trust him and have confidence in yourself. Yes, this is what breaks are for.

  • Yes, that's very stupid. lol sorry, but what the bleep are you thinking?

    You are more or less telling him he can cheat on you and saying "Honey, it's okay if you want to go out and open up a romantic connection with another female .I don't mind :) " Not a wise idea at all. Why would you say that?

  • If you're broken up officially or "on a break" it's not fair of you to tell him he can't date someone else, because he's probably expecting you to date others too.

    • He knew that wasn't going to happen. I wasn't going to stop him I was just worried

  • Call him and tell him you don't REALLY want him to date?

    Who decided to be on a break?

    IN MY Opinion, breaks are sh*t. If someone mentions it, its usually because they want to try something else, sometimes to find out if what you had is what you really want, which for me doesn't make any sense at all... If you need that to figure out what you want then you clearly don't want what you have.. If you did, you'd know it. So it's ridiculous to me.

  • why are you on a break? first you need to think of that. I think breaks are a bad idea my friend went on one recently and can't figure out what the hell she wants. she isn't happy with him, she broke it off for good in the end and she's upset too because he didn't try hard enough to win her back..smh

    • look, its a good reason okay. I don't want to talk about it. we've had a break before but not like this. this will be the longest ever. I tried to call the whole thing off but he didn't want to.

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