When dating, what does it mean when he doesn't call and you have talked every day since you've been dating?

I have been dating a guy for over 8 months and talk to him everyday, he hasn't talked to me in two days almost. I have gotten a text late the other night but nothing since. What is this a sign of if any


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  • If you have been talking every day for eight months,... then he might just be out of things to talk about.

    Me personally,... I hate talking on the phone. That's why when texting became popular I went nuts,.. I can quickly respond, and I don't have to keep a conversation going.

    Also, after a while, people need time to themselves,... so if he didn't call, don't freak, just means that the next time you do talk (probably tomorrow from the sound of things), that you will actually have something to catch up on.


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  • did you have more to say?

    I would think it doesn't mean anything yet.. two days isn't that long. If he goes a week without talking to you, be worryed.

    I assume you know where he lives, and his schedual.. consider droping by with a cute gift.

    (not a have to, just a thought)

    Good Luck!

  • It is hard to say, but he is either distracted, or moving on. Find out which and join him. But it don't sound good from this point of view. I do wish you the best.

    Good Luck



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  • Honestly, I hate this sort of deal. It's confusing. Me and my boyfriend are pretty close and honest with each other. We don't play games. On the odd occasion I don't get my routine call, I call him up ask him if everything is going ok and let him know I wait for his call so if he doesn't mind taking the two seconds to let me know he has a lot going on that night, so I don't concern myself with it... and he's gotten pretty good at it.

    To me a lot depends what you mean by "dating", is this a commited relationship or not? If so, you guys need to come to an agreement on what's expected and routine. Maybe not talk every day if that's rough on the schedule or a little too much... just get on the same page. If not, I'd say he's busy, though personally that's always been a sign for me when a guy may have started loosing interest. Look for other signs too, not just that.

    Also, if he's ignoring your calls/texts that's a BIG issue. Uncool.

    If you're just sitting around waiting for him to call YOU, he may just be really busy. Or he's waiting to see if you take initiative.

    Thats what I have to say based on experience, I know you're looking for guy answers probably. Just take it easy, don't stress, it's most likely nothing, be honest, and don't play games. Be up front and to the point.

  • Stop, breathe and calm down. You are over analyzing and worrying over nothing. He just may be busy or need some time to him self. Talking everyday for 8 months is a lot and the novelty of it has probably worn off. Also it sounds like he is the one who always makes the first move when it comes to contact so why don't you call him or message him first instead.

    In a relationship it is normal and healthy for people to go a few days sometimes with out contact. If you don't do this you become clingy with each other and it means the relationship is not healthy. By not having contact or seeing each other for a few days means that you have a chance to think about the relationship and also a chance to miss each other. Even tho you are happy in the relationship you should still have time to your self, you need to do things with your friends and have time to do other things. To many people forget about their friends when in a relationship and this is not good. Remember your friends are the ones who are there for you no matter what.

    I think the best thing you can do is calm down and relax, have some fun, leave it another day then try calling him or messaging him. Don't make him make the first move.

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