WHAT do you think - Do I tell him I am going to start dating or not tell him?

II have read a lot about this on this site so I am pretty sure there is no chance my guy is coming back so I guess I need to move on.

Just not sure if I need to tell him or just start dating.

Pretty much what everyone is going through, been dating a great guy for a few months, that I met on-line, he starts to distance himself, course me not seeing the signs push to see him, ask questions about our relationship etc then he tells me he doesn’t know how he feels and wants to take a break.

He promised he call but hasn’t. Sound familiar? It should it seems to be a virus men catch!

But I really do like this guy (but seems everyone else likes their guy too) lots of chemistry like no one I have ever met. I thought he was feeling the same, introduced me to the family, friends.

Anyways, I opened an account on a different dating site and met a couple of guys that seem nice, really too short for my taste but nevertheless nice. Probably tonight I will end up calling the one since we have been writing for a week and if he asks me out, I guess I am going to go.

Should I call my guy and tell him I am going to start seeing other men and if or when figures out what “how he feels” he can let me know?

My ex husband came running after me when I started to date other guys because he wouldn’t commit, course I was much younger then, different rules from 20 to 40.

Kinda want to tell him just to see if I get a reaction from him, but also afraid, what if I am that one person that the guy actually is thinking of coming back too and he I lose my chance because I didn’t wait around?

What do you think- should I wait for a while longer, start dating without telling him or tell him? I haven’t seen him in about a week and half, hasn’t called, did text me on Sunday saying he wasn’t sure.

Please don’t take me not crying as a sign I don’t care for this guy, I do. I actually think I love him, but I have had so much heart ache in my life I want to try to get over this sooner than later. Right now my heart feels like it was ripped out of my chest, and hate that feeling.


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  • You don't owe your EX any explanations! He is you EX, you broke up and he no longer has any right to know what goes on in your life. Waiting around for him to come back is giving him control over you and this isn't right or fair to you. And if he can't decide or give you a straight answer, he clearly doesn't know what he wants, or he is being selfish and trying to keep you single for whenever he wants company. Also, it's not fair tot he other guys if you still have feelings for someone else. You will only hurt one of them if you really want your ex. Take some time, SINGLE time, and figure out what you want and what you need. Just go out and have fun for a few weeks. Don't think about guys or dating, just think about you.

    • Thanks for the answer, but technically not my ex - we haven't officially split but he clearly has no clue what he wants since he doesn't want to see me or call me.

      As for the other guys- I told them that things need to move slow, been hurt in the past. The one admitted he been through the same.

  • How long has it been since you've been apart?

    • Almost two weeks since I last seen him, and he said he wanted to slow down, didn't talk to him for 5 days, I finally texted him and said I would like to chat, he called but the conversation was had nothing to do with us, I ended up texting him later just telling him I was confused and that is when he text me back saying he needed time to figure out how he felt, that was 4 days ago and no contact since.

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