Did I show too much interest in this guy?

This guy asked me out when we get back to the same town for Christmas. He texted me every now and then, and liked my fb. He texted saying he was upset about some stuff, at the end of the convo he said Thanks :) so I thought it would be nice to send a text saying I hope you're feeling better. But I didn't get a response and it been passed a week and nothing from him. Did I show to much interest by texting that and now he has lost interest. I did it to be nice, but I think I failed.


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  • If he lost interest over that, he's a putz lol. As a guy myself, I wouldn't even think of losing interest over THAT text. My only guess other than lost interest is that he's still upset over the stuff. But a week is a long time to go without even a brief reply.


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